Ganesh's Story

Ganesh, Class V, MCD Primary School, Srinivas Puri

“I don’t get proper meal on holidays. Why you don’t come on Sundays” Ganesh is shy to admit that he is not given enough to eat at home on Sundays. His mother works at a Kothi (Bungalow) as a maid to survive 3 siblings. He stays near Okhla Railway Line and played on railway tracks & station for food remnants.  During his play time he observed children of his age going to school; their school uniform fascinated him to join a school. Now, he attends school where his desire to wear uniform is fulfilled and the time he wasted in collecting unhygienic remnants or contaminated food is been utilised in building his career where his need for food is met with most hygienic mid day meals. 

We urge you to donate to support children like Ganesh can go to school instead of playing on tracks & fields for leftover food. He is a visionary now and sees himself being a police officer


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